n. any of various green grasshoppers of the family Tettigoniidae, native to the US.
Etymology: imit. of the sound it makes

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  • Katydid — Ka ty*did , n. (Zo[ o]l.) A large, green, arboreal, orthopterous insect ({Cyrtophyllus concavus}) of the family {Locustid[ae]}, common in the United States. The males have stridulating organs at the bases of the front wings. During the summer and …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • katydid — (n.) insect of the locust family (Microsentrum rhombifolium), 1784, American English (perhaps first used by John Bartram), imitative of the stridulous sound the male makes when it rubs its front wings together. The sound itself is more accurately …   Etymology dictionary

  • katydid — ☆ katydid [kāt′ē did΄ ] n. [echoic of the sound made by the males] any of several large, green orthopteran insects (esp. family Tettigoniidae) having long, slender antennae and long hind legs: the male has highly developed stridulating organs on… …   English World dictionary

  • katydid — /kay tee did/, n. any of several large, usually green, American long horned grasshoppers, the males of which produce a characteristic song. [1745 55, Amer.; imit.] * * * Any of numerous species in several subfamilies of the long horned… …   Universalium

  • katydid — noun Etymology: imitative Date: 1784 any of various large green American long horned grasshoppers usually having stridulating organs on the forewings of the males that produce a loud shrill sound …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • katydid — noun /ˈkeɪtiˌdɪd/ A type of grasshopper, scientific name Tettigoniidae. Syn: bush cricket …   Wiktionary

  • katydid — ka|ty|did [ˈkeıtidıd] n [Date: 1700 1800; Origin: From the sound] AmE a type of large ↑grasshopper …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • katydid — n. large variety of grasshopper which produces a singing sound by rubbing its wings together (common to central and eastern parts of the U.S.) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • katydid — [ keɪtɪdɪd] noun a large bush cricket native to North America, the male of which makes a characteristic sound which resembles the name. [Microcentrum and other genera.] …   English new terms dictionary

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  • katydid — ka·ty·did …   English syllables

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